Building Future Engineers through Coding and 21st Century Skills

Around 250,000 children in the state of Odisha will be the focus of this partnership as we work to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and other abilities.


Quest Alliance has partnered with Amazon this year in the state of Odisha. Amazon launched the Future Engineer Program in 2021, focussing on building critical thinking, problem solving and skills for the future. Quest has an existing MoU with the Department of Education in Odisha under the 5T (Transparency, Teamwork, Technology and Timeliness leading to Transformation program), enabling us to reach 4,000 schools in 3 years. 

This partnership enables us to bring more visibility to the program and our journey.

The project is designed to help students increase their confidence with use of technology. It focuses on developing 21st century skills like problem solving, critical thinking, team building, communication skills, etc, for students. It also aims to develop increased knowledge about coding and its application to solve problems.

Implementation Model:

To foster digital skills and problem solving, the project will take two approaches:

a) Explore

This model works on a strategy to scale the program and to reach more students, giving them an exposure to computational thinking. Class chats and the Quest chat bot are introduced within the teacher training program. After being enrolled, students will engage in at least one hour of activities. The expected outreach is 220,000 students.

b) Learn

This is an in-depth model where students go through a 4 to 5 day bootcamp on hackathon, identifying problems, and building prototypes. This will use class chats, and Quest’s hackathon model. The estimated outreach is 20,000 students.



  • 250,000+Children
  • 4,150Teachers
  • 830Schools
  • 26Districts