MasterCoach is a trainer and educator certification program aimed at 21st century facilitation skills, social capital and professional growth for trainers and educators.


About the Program

MasterCoach uses a transformative blended learning approach that allows for anytime, anywhere learning. A four to 5-month planned journey for trainers and educators, this certification program empowers them in the following ways:

  • A strong professional and personal identity by shifting awareness towards self, learning styles and setting a vision for one’s growth
  • Build, manage and facilitate 21st century classroom management skills, including better facilitation skills and learner relationships
  • Meaningful social capital through peer connections across the country
  • Skills and perspectives to design for diversity, customising content and curriculum for any learning environment
  • Be a change agent within one’s own organization or institution, role modelling best practices that combine the power of digital learning and experiential learning methodologies

With MasterCoach, trainers can now build stronger social capital within India’s training and education sector learning from new trends, concepts, tools, consistent feedback and upskilling for 21st century classrooms.

MasterCoach aims to build the capacity of a trainer or teacher transforming them into change agents who positively influence and enrich a student’s life.

Our Goals

We aim to impact 500 trainers by 2020, equipping them to transform the way young people learn and create a shift in the learning processes  inside classrooms.

We strongly believe that thriving educators and trainers can create thriving classrooms that are learner centric and set young people for greater success in life.

Our Approach

Built on the power of online learning, MasterCoach is a planned journey for an educator and trainer, offering them flexibility to learn at their own pace. The course is built using principles of experiential learning and design thinking, inviting participants to understand themselves, build stronger relationship with learners and students and explore various dimensions of facilitation.

The learning trajectory is a fun, meaningful and creative combination using quizzes, discussion forums, puzzles, essays, videos, photos, assignments,  milestones and recognition, all this delivered in basic English. MasterCoach is built for 3 levels of engagement – Foundational, Exploratory and Immersive – offering multiple challenges and skill levels to a participant.

Each level has 4 modules, and can be completed at a learner’s pace within a 3 to four month time frame. The entire learning experience comprises 4 modules – Understanding The Self, The Learner, Facilitation Skills and  21st Century Classroom Management Skills for real world application and a trainer’s social capital.


Elements of Course Design

The course is built using principles of experiential learning and design thinking. It invites participants to understand themselves, build stronger relationships with learners and students, and explore various dimensions of facilitation.

It uses quizzes, discussion forums, puzzles, essays, videos, photos, assignments, milestones and recognition and is delivered in basic English. MasterCoach is built for 3 levels of engagement – Foundational, Exploratory and Immersive – offering multiple challenges and skill levels to a participant.

Trainer Tribe, an online community, further strengthens every participant’s social network by connecting them to peers, trainers and educators across the country.

This also allows for consistent feedback and peer to peer engagement, creating a sense of community and preventing trainer and educator isolation. A combination of experiential and online learning, the MasterCoach program has simple course requirements:

  • 1+ year(s) of training experience
  • Intermediate proficiency in the English language
  • Internet access

The duration of the MasterCoach program is 4 – 5  months.

Our Strategy

In a world that is shifting towards online-learning and with organizations and institutions inclined towards building 21st century skills in young people, most professionals in the training and teaching sector are beginning to search for skills, exposure, and opportunity to build their own capacity to work and build a 21st century classroom.

We believe our training transforms a trainer’s worldview, helping them understand students and peers. More importantly, it equips them to deliver curriculum and content inside classrooms using a blended learning approach, positively influencing student success.

Combining the power of online learning, customised modules and a strong peer circle, MasterCoach aims to be a wholesome, exciting and engaging program that sharpens a trainer’s skills and gives them a professional edge.


  • 507 Trainers Graduated
  • 189 Women Trainers
  • 15,390 Students Impacted
  • 17 Locations
  • 34 Organizations


For Schools or Colleges

In your ongoing effort to build 21st century classrooms, by enrolling your educators in the MasterCoach program, you can now build their capacity to further succeed in your vision.

For ITIs or NGOs

To strengthen learning experiences for young adults, you can now choose a program that builds your trainer’s facilitation skills.

Whether our trainer is working with children, youth, or adults, the MasterCoach online course modules stay relevant for all learning environments.

For Corporate Organizations

In your searching for a learning experience that builds 21st century classrooms and enriches thousands of student lives using online learning, MasterCoach gives you the opportunity to connect with trainers and educators across India.

For Trainers

We can support your social network, connecting you to peers in similar professions across the country.

With MasterCoach, you can build your professional network, find mentors and engage with your peers to add a new dimension to your professional growth.

“After MasterCoach, I began to conduct my sessions based on the learners capacity.”


“As a facilitator, we have multiple roles. But now, I have a clear idea about my role.”

Rekha Manek
Aga Khan Rural Support Program

“MasterCoach guides you on the best way to make the youth of today, a MasterCoach of tomorrow.”

Nishant Dave