With more than half the population under the age of 25, India is capable of great agility.

But a disconnected education and employment sector leaves many youth unemployed or under-employed. The skills youth need to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century are varied.


At Quest, we understand that building a teacher's capacity makes classrooms engaging. And engaging classrooms makes for empowered learners. We recognize that only by involving educators, civil society, industry and the government, can we create environments conducive to self-learning, so that today’s youth can find and create purpose for themselves. It makes our effort scalable and adaptable.

Our Vision

A world where young people thrive as self-learners and drive economic and social progress.

Our Mission

We transform learning ecosystems through education technology, capacity building, and collaboration to build 21st century skills for learners and facilitators.

Our Goal

By 2023, we will impact 4 million learners and facilitators across the country.

Our Approach

Quest encourages self-driven learning for life, which is the result of experiences and reflection. Through knowledge creation, multi-stakeholder partnerships and capacity building, we aim to revolutionize learning experiences and systems globally to transform individuals. Our learner-centric approach is the cornerstone of everything we do.

  • EMPOWER learners and educators to become innovators and change leaders, driving 21st century skills in their local environments.
  • EXPAND partnerships with government, civil society and business to scale models of self-learning for 21st century skills, and facilitate ‘anytime-anywhere learning’, to catalyze learning environments.
  • ESTABLISH advocacy alliances of thought leaders for mainstreaming self-learning for 21st century skills.
  • EXCEL in building robust systems, culture and leadership to scale impact.

Our Practice

  • BIG PICTURE Our actions are guided by the vision and mission. We set our goals keeping in mind the opportunities and challenges, and sustainability of resources in the internal and external ecosystem.
  • PROCESS We build self-learning experiences by keeping the user at the centre. We strive to understand unmet needs, innovate and transfer solutions, build evidence base and share our learnings.
  • STRUCTURE We organise ourselves as multi-disciplinary teams and networks that collaborate to achieve maximum impact.
  • IMPACT Our decisions are driven by the impact we want to create. We acknowledge the impact each of our actions have on the society and how the society impacts us everyday.
  • PROFESSIONAL PATHWAYS We invest in learning and growth for individuals to realise their full potential encouraging a work life balance. We challenge ourselves, seek feedback, reflect consciously, share our stories and build honest relationships.

The Dream of Quest:


  • 19,46,500+ Learners
  • 27,500+ Educators
  • 3,350+ Learning institutions
  • 2,300+ Leaders
  • 250+ Digital learning content
  • 20+ Research studies published
  • 70+ Civil Society Organizations
  • 25 States
  • 17 Government partnerships