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MyQuest uses blended learning to deliver innovative materials and strategies to develop facilitators and enable young people to connect with the right careers and achieve their dreams.


Our Program

With millions of youth preparing to enter the workforce every year in India, we engage with an expanding network of educational and vocational institutions to ensure these youth receive access to critical life, occupational and career development skills.

We help young people gain confidence in their aspirations to make informed career decisions and effectively navigate their personal and professional spaces. MyQuest impacts youth between the ages of 18 and 30 in rural and urban contexts, primarily from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are in urgent need of employment and skills.

Our Goals

With the aim to impact 250,000 youth by 2020, MyQuest wants young people across the social spectrum to confidently navigate the personal and professional spaces, with better access to knowledge and work opportunities.

It seeks to help young people enter the world of work with the right domain skills, and the capacity to make informed career choices.

Our Strategy

The MyQuest strategy is three-pronged and targets not only youth, but facilitators, and the organizations that support and employ them.

Through Knowledge Creation, Partnerships and Capacity Building, we aim to transform learning environments across educational institutions, including vocational training centers, Industrial Training Institutes, and undergraduate colleges.

The cycle that MyQuest creates is a self-sustaining one; an environment that allows for all stakeholders to perform their individual roles and support each other effectively for deeper and greater impact.

  • Self-Learning

Youth access engaging learning and work opportunities; they grow their network

  • Learning Environments

Well-trained facilitators create high-quality learning environments for youth

  • Sustained Practices

Diverse partners learn to adapt the approach for their contexts

Our Approach

With a powerful combination of digital self-learning and classroom activities supported by innovative materials and strategies, MyQuest motivates trainers to learn new facilitation skills, enables students to build tangible, market-oriented skills, and discover confidence and self-awareness.  

The MyQuest blended program comprises 250 hours of self-learning, digital content in English, Life and Work Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Literacy and additionally offers support through:

  • Data analytics on course performance
  • Industry-alumni connect and placement support
  • Online trainer certification and immersive trainer workshops
  • Master training programs for high performing trainers


  • 200,000 Youth Trained
  • 68 % Youth Placed
  • 3,500 Trainers Trained
  • 330 Centres
  • 22 States
  • 45 Partners


Partner With Us

Quest Alliance brings over a decade of designing and taking-to-scale diverse tools aimed at improving the employability and career aspirations of youth in India and beyond.

For Funding

If you want to support high-impact, innovative, technology-enabled programs for youth, MyQuest offers:


  • Data-driven reporting and analytics dashboards to view youth impact and project outcomes


  • End-to-end project management and support from our experienced team of professionals
  • Large scale, technology-enabled programs with a focus on quality


  • Leveraging existing Quest knowledge in technology, design, media and content to design unique, youth offerings in partnership with a funder
  • Cross-donor leverage across different Quest funding partners, adding sustainability, scale and stability to all youth impact initiatives

For Outreach

If you are an educational and skill development institution such as an ITI, an NGO, a skill development company, a school, or a college, MyQuest offers:

Knowledge and Skills

  • Capacity building of trainers and center heads through Quest’s immersive workshops and access to a virtual community of training practitioners
  • Facilitation of industry and employer connections
  • On-demand reporting and data analysis of student learning outcomes


  • Access to Quest’s knowledge library of student self-learning material
  • Alumni management and alumni support through technology tools
  • Funding and infrastructure support
  • Replicable and scalable model of training delivery

For the individual looking to build your community, with MyQuest you can even:

  • Start a Youth Resource Center on your own premises with end-to-end support
  • Receive a one-time transfer of content and trainer capacity building with continuous support
  • Implement customized content, training and implementation with assistance from Quest Alliance’s team of experienced education and technology professionals

“Microsoft and Quest are equipping thousands of youth to learn computer science and coding.”

Manju Dhasmana
Microsoft India

“Even after the program, the students support each other with advice and feedback; this makes me proud.”

Facilitator, Reaching Hands

“The retail and communication segments help me interact with people at work; I am no longer afraid to speak up.”

S2S alumni


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