Career Conquest | Winner of Core77 Design Awards 2019

Our digital career exploration toolkit called Career Conquest has won the Design Education Initiative Award by Core77. This toolkit was supported by LinkedIn and beautifully designed by Treemouse.


Career Conquest is a set of 36 interactive mobisodes (mobile-episodes) that equip young people with the mindset, skills and knowledge to craft fulfilling careers for themselves. They empower the learners to own their professional journeys by developing a foundational understanding of their own self and work possibilities of the future. The target user group for this project are 15-21 year olds from the lower socio-economic segments, preparing to enter the workstream.

This toolkit will be used by a large part of our 60,000 learners over this year. Additionally, it will be made available to the millions of Indian youth who can't access formal education.

Career Conquest is based on the design principle of giving learners agency over their own learning and empowering them to 'learn to learn'. By cultivating a self-learning attitude, the course ensures that the students stay in the learning and growing loop, even after the completion of this course.

Other runners-up included UC Davis Design & Honors Programs + TEAM Lab and Stanford D. School.

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