Change Leaders Academy


Change Leaders Academy works with leaders from the education and employability domain enabling them to build 21st century learning organizations. The Emerging Leaders program and Principal's Leadership program are part of the Change Leaders Academy. 



Educational institutions, skills training organizations, and nonprofit grassroot organizations are in need of resources to drive systemic change for the communities they work with. The Change Leaders Academy is designed to nurture leaders to drive change and build learning environments that are able to thrive.


Change Leaders Academy recognizes the role of effective, agile leadership in learning environments to develop the transformative culture needed. It focuses on building leadership in two skilling ecosystems — Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs). The Emerging Leaders Program is designed for VTIs, while the Principals Leadership Program is tailored for ITI leadership.

The Emerging Leaders Program aims to build a cadre of leaders who are creative and critical thinkers, who can challenge the status quo and cultivate value-based learning organizations that can negotiate through socio-political realities of today.

The Principals Leadership Program is anchored on six reform areas — career development, effective pedagogy, leadership for change, employer engagement, student hub, and community engagement.


Change Leaders Academy offers leadership programs with a focus on building learning organizations that promote self-learning and 21st century skills to empower young people, children and trainers. It works with:




Our integrated approach to enhance student learning outcomes involves working closely with institutional leadership. Change Leaders Academy works with leaders, decision makers and managers in the employability ecosystem to create a cultural shift with institutions.:


  • 441 Principals
  • 416 Industrial Training Institutes
  • 53 Emerging Leaders
  • 19 Organizations
  • 51 Change Projects
  • 9 States


For Funding

If you want to invest in a unique blended learning program aimed at building capacities of professionals in civil society and strengthening institutional culture for a thriving environment for young people, Emerging Leader Program offers:

  • Transparency – Data-driven reporting and analytics dashboards to view the impact and project outcomes.
  • Expertise – Complete project management and support from our experienced team of professionals and consultants of thematic areas.
  • Ability to learn – Monitor key indicators (quantitative and qualitative) though baseline and end-line survey and integrate in future goals.
  • Leverage – Rely on existing Quest knowledge in tech, design, media and content to tailor unique offerings. Cross-donor collaboration with different Quest partners, adding sustainability, scale and stability to all leadership development initiatives.

For Program

If you are an institution such as an ITI, an NGO / CSO, a skill development company, a school or a college etc., the Emerging Leaders Program offers:

Leadership skills training

  • Leadership training of mid-level managers who perceive to be leaders and can bring change in organizations.
  • As part of this, they will create their own small change projects and implement them.
  • The program will also provide and in-depth understanding of self-learning concepts and 21st century skills for the future of work.


  • Practice frameworks to understand your own leadership style.
  • Create an individual VIMISTRA (Vision, Mission, Strategy) framework for success.
  • Access to study materials / worksheets and references for practice.
  • Invitation to the #Quest2Learn summit where you can represent your projects and get funding / mentor support to implement.


  • Build networks to seek support in implementing project
  • Meet Quest Alliance board members to receive mentorship
  • Organize / participate in conferences to exchange knowledge / experiences


“I initiated efforts for inclusion at my organisation, as well other NGOs in India. The Emerging Leaders program helped me plan series of dialogues with organizations to initiate a positive change with regard to caste, gender, sexual orientation inclusion.”

Anthony Chettri,
Indo-Global Social Service Society

“One thing I was able to work on as a change project was to introduce new skill training courses by convincing my management team, and I was also able to raise funds of Rs. 99,19,080 for my project. The training not only helped me advance my career, but also enabled me to use my abilities and expertise to make a valuable contribution to my organization”

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