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Communications Manager – Schools

Published 2023-01-10

The Communication Manager - Schools will play a strategic role in planning and leading communication efforts across all intervention states. They will ideate and articulate the strategy that best tells the story through an impact lens, and hold together all other pieces, such as PR, social media, documentation, reporting, and others, such that each of these adds to the larger narrative. This will involve coordinating and closely collaborating with the program and the MarComm teams.

Role and Responsibilities:

Communication Strategy, Content and Design

  • Articulate the communication strategy including any branding related work for the Schools program and operationalize it. 
    • As part of the strategy, design and deliver creative communication campaigns 
    • As part of the strategic program and organization events, strongly build in the communication work to reinforce the program narrative 
    • Weave the organization narrative into the program narrative to build consistency 
    • Be well versed with the program strategy and impact to include key elements into the communication strategy 
  • Anchor the PR strategy for the Schools program. Provide content and ensure media presence about the program.
  • Coordinate with the program team to set-up a system of collecting compelling case stories from the field across stakeholders – students, teachers, school facilitators, partners, government officials and schools. In some cases, travel to the field to capture in-depth stories that showcase impact and change in lives
  • Provide content (drafting) and editorial support for program communication materials including (but not limited to) quarterly and annual reports, funder reports, posters, flyers, invites and digital media messaging
  • Support the MarCom team on PR, digital marketing and social media strategy for the organization
  • Work strategically with state teams to understand state-specific advocacy and communication needs, such that PR pieces, advocacy pieces and videos speak to the larger program narrative
  • Work closely with the research and data team to understand ground level insights and program impact and design communication strategies around disseminating those 
  • Make regular field visits to be in touch with the program experience and generate communication artifacts based on that experience 


  • Be the SPOC for all program-related communications materials and adhere to content-creation processes. Ensure written briefs are created collaboratively, completed and signed off on; coordinate with program team for base content, follow-up on timelines for deliverables, field queries and clarifications from MarCom team, ensure early-warning in case content deadlines are not being met.
  • Ensure compliance with organization, program and partner brand guidelines on all program collateral.
  • Establish a social media calendar for the program and ensure content flow in a timely fashion. This includes digital campaigns around key days such as International Girl Child Day, and so on.
  • Supervise the work of Communications Associates in writing and editing case stories tailored to different audiences and platforms (funder reports, social media posts, partner events, website content, program brochures, presentations, etc.)
  • Supervise the work of Communications Associates in building a repository of case studies, photographs, videos, quotes, and media articles for the program
  • Supervise the work of the Design Associate in designing communication materials and liaise with the MarCom team for larger design and/or video projects
  • Manage the communication budget and keep track of all spends


  • Liaise with colleagues on field or external vendors, and/or travel to field locations to source compelling images and videos that capture and effectively communicate the essence of the program
  • Basic photography and video documentation of program events
  • Ensure digital assets are systematically archived for future use

Vendor Management

  • Manage external vendors for design, video, and/or other projects as suitable for program needs
  • Be the SPOC for all external vendor relationships

Event Support

  • Provide event support as required to the program/organization
  • Lead branding for program events

Relationship Building and Management – Stakeholders (Internal &/ External)

  • Work collaboratively across teams, including executive leadership, to produce the channel-appropriate content
  • Coordinate with vendors, external agencies, and consultants
  • Develop processes for internal collaboration
  • Mentor the Communications Associates and the Design Associate, and give clear direction, and chart growth pathways for them

Team Management

  • Ensure that all employees managed have clear performance objectives and development plans
  • Support, mentor and coach the team as part of their professional development and help them to be highly effective in their work
  • Ensure that the team works together to share learning and to exchange skills
  • Serve as a role model at all times
  • Coordinate training and other capacity-building initiatives for staff as required
  • Provide guidance and expertise to the Coordination team as required
  • Ensure People and FAIT policies and procedures are adhered to by the team
  • Ensure staff welfare with support from the People team.
  • Ensure that all your team members have a clear job description, performance objectives, development plans, and they receive performance reviews
  • Lead the recruitment and induction of new members for your team you manage

Required Experience and Skills: 

  • 6-8 years of experience in communication roles, preferably in the social impact sector
  • Multitasking and managing different deliverables within tight deadlines
  • Coordinating across different teams, and managing conflict
  • Responding positively to feedback
  • Ability to take initiative, work independently and make decisions 
  • Creativity and innovative thought process, research and updated about market trends 


Interested candidates are requested to apply for the role by filling up the application form given here.

Women candidates are encouraged to apply. Due to the enormity of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Database Coordinator

Published 2023-01-06

We are currently seeking a data coordinator who can help strengthen the culture of data driven decision making within the organization by creating user friendly and easy to comprehend dashboards and visualization of different types of data. The job role might also require you to learn new tools and technologies fast, and you should have in-depth knowledge of visualization platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, database management as well as basic programming and scripting skills.

You will help to build efficient and stable data pipelines using ETL processes which can be easily maintained in the future. You should have expertise in the design, creation, management, and business use of large datasets.

You will build ETL pipelines to ingest the data from heterogeneous sources into our system. You should have excellent business and communication skills, and be able to work with program owners to understand their data requirements and help them make data-related decisions using your ETL knowledge and experience.


  • Gather requirements and business process knowledge in order to transform the data in a way that’s geared towards the needs of end users
  • Design, implement, and continuously expand data pipelines by performing extraction, transformation, and loading activities
  • Build data visualisation as per analytics requirements on Superset
  • Maintain and improve already existing processes
  • Ensure that the data architecture is scalable and maintainable
  • Work with the program, data and technology teams in designing and delivering correct, high quality data
  • Investigate data to identify potential issues within ETL pipelines, notify end-users and propose adequate solutions
  • Prepare documentation for further reference

Education and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science or related disciplines
  • Experience and knowledge of visualisation/ dashboarding using tools like Apache Superset or Tableau/ Power BI. Prior experience of working with Superset would be an advantage
  • SQL knowledge (query performance tuning, index maintenance, etc.) as well as an understanding of database structure
  • Prior experience of working with data collection tools including Google and KoBo and building ETL pipeline via Talend
  • Advanced knowledge of Python or R
  • Knowledge of data modelling principles
  • Organisational skills: time management and planning
  • Expert level Knowledge and experience  of working with Talend
  • Knowledge of various SQL/NoSQL data storage mechanisms and Big Data technologies
  • High attention to detail
  • Passionate about complex data structures and problem solving
  • Ability to pick up new data tools and concepts quickly
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

We are looking for people who: 

  • Are passionate about working to solve challenges in the education and employability domain
  • Candidate should be flexible, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and an energetic team player


Interested candidates are requested to apply for the role by filling up the application form given here.

Women candidates are encouraged to apply. Due to the enormity of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Data Scientist

Published 2023-01-06

We are a not-for-profit trust that focuses on research-led innovation and advocacy in the field of teaching and learning. We engage with educators, civil society, government institutions and corporate organizations to demonstrate and enable scalable and replicable solutions in school education and vocational training.

This role straddles the Product/Platform and Data/Analytics areas and has three key elements:

  • E Learning Platform: Design, build and continuously improve a recommendation engine that personalized lesson dissemination to learners on the basis of their interests, career goals, and current level of understanding. Design, build and continuously improve the data flow, systems, process and database, data tables and their interaction with the Data warehouse – where this data resides with other data collected offline or through the Quest App.


  • Data Modelling & Analysis: Look at data collected from various sources – field, tech based interventions, app, primary research, secondary/syndicated research and macro data published by the government and other agencies, and model it to identify trends, patterns, efficiency and effectiveness of different interventions, as well as predict and reconcile outcomes with a view to measure and correlate outputs, outcomes and impact.


  • Communication: Prepare reports and conduct sessions to simplify and summarize these learnings and make them part of organizational knowledge and understanding and help people in the wider organization use this information to make better, data driven decisions, plans and execution roadmaps.



  1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Data Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Computer Science  or related fields
  2. 8-10 years’ experience in Data Science from both a technology/programming as well as data/analysis lens
  3. Prior experience in Data Modelling, Prediction, Forecasting and analysis using both Statistical and Machine Learning techniques
  4. Prior experience in programming using ‘R’, ‘Python’, Java and other programming languages and performing data cleaning, manipulation, summary, analyses and automation
  5. Prior experience of building, modifying and coding artificial intelligence and logic based algorithms that drive recommendation engines for personalization including user feedback
  6. Ability to understand business context and need, convert it into technical requirements, build solutions that cater to them and then drive usage, adoption and continuous improvement through cross – functional virtual teams
  7. Willingness and ability to work across a large, diverse team and multiple stakeholders with different needs and points of view
  8. Passion for making data, analysis, technology and tools accessible to people without formal training or background in these disciplines
  9. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Comfort with use of Powerpoint, Word, Excel and other presentation tools


We are looking for people who: 

  • Are passionate about working to solve challenges in the education and employability domain
  • Candidate should be flexible, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and an energetic team player


Interested candidates are requested to apply for the role by filling up the application form given here.

Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

Due to the enormity of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Lead – Capacity Building (Youth Program)

Published 2023-01-04

This is a program leadership role. Youth Program  delivers innovative, demand- driven and hi-tech employability programs with a large scale govt vocational ecosystem as well as with a network of CSOs that are engaging in vocation education. Within this context providing senior-level strategic leadership, direction and representation will be a crucial priority for the role.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Lead and steer the key areas of work of the Capacity Building team:

  • Drive a future facing thought process on learning experience design and mentor the team on the same
  • Ensure the integration of self learning framework at the core of all work done by the capacity building team
  • Drive the strategy around stakeholder capacity building, including trainers, master trainers, leaders and learners
  • Ensure integration of ed tech strategy and tech enabled learning experiences with the team and in the work. Drive thought process and conversations with the team on adoption and integration of tech solutions 
  • Support the team in building the innovation mindset and thought process on initiating learning labs as an integral part of the program
  • Ability to work with the govt on strategic advocacy around blended learning and trainer development thought process, and integration of the same in the larger policy and practice of the system
  • Periodically study the innovations and trends around blended learning and tech enabled learning that informs the upgrade on digital content development thought process.
  • Work at the intersection of pedagogy, technology, user experiences and innovations and bring integration between team members and the work done by the team
  • Keep research, impact evaluation and feedback loop at the center of the work done by the team and integrate that across strongly
  • Ensure strong financial and project management for all the Donor projects undertaken by the team


Strategic Partnerships: Internal & External 

  • Create feedback loops to inform system, processes and roles
  • Provide technical support in Program Strategy development informed by Evidence based learning
  • Promote cross collaboration between nodes and functional teams at QA
  • Drive internal and external facing adoption of self learning framework through content, digital pathways and online facilitation

Team Management

  • To oversee the well being of the team, including fostering collective ownership of key organizational processes.
  • To manage and support the professional development of the team in support of high performance against performance objectives, and through them ensure strong employee development and performance of all employees 
  • Create and foster a strong, values driven organizational culture of shared learning, co-operation, commitment to improvement, and high performance

Strengthening Systems and Processes 

  • Ultimate oversight for financial management including budgeting and financial governance, ensuring strong accountability and value for money is achieved. 
  • Ultimate oversight of donor grants and ensuring the donor deliverables are met 
  • Ultimate oversight of People policies and processes including grievance redressal, team cohesion and collaboration with other team
  • Ensure there are enough systems and processes in place to help the teams to work smoothly 
  • Liaison with functions and give feedback/ collaborate  in timely manner to ensure the systems and processes are enabling 
  • Be a role model in following the quest values and adhering to systems and processes 


Skills required:

  • Brings strong conviction of technology enabled learning and have prior experience with Education technology based roles, both front-end and back-end
  • Have worked on creating stakeholder capacity building experiences, frameworks and roadmaps for educators and leaders
  • Ability to drive strategic and big picture thinking with the team
  • Being able to lead with the impact lens to the work done and help connect the dots across various focus areas
  • Being able to mentor the team with future facing ideas
  • Strong Collaboration with various other teams within the program and also in the organization
  • Being able to juggle between things and wear multiple hats at the same time
  • Being a learner and demonstrating keen interest and investment in self learning and professional development. Being able to be a strong role model for the team
  • Ability to liaison with external stakeholders like CSO partners, Govt Vocational system and the diverse stakeholders, consultants etc.
  • Understand innovation thoughts process and how to approach innovation related work


Interested candidates are requested to apply for the role by filling up the application form given here.
Women candidates are encouraged to apply!
Due to the enormity of applications received, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.