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The environment we work to build everyday for our youth mirrors our organizational culture. Our approach to work and life is the same: enabling individuals to build self-learning pathways to find purpose and lead meaningful lives.


Continuous learning is at the heart of Quest's culture. We measure success by the growth of each individual who works with us. Built into this growth are the constants of self-evaluation and accountability of a determined striving towards our goals. Our team hails from 12 states and speaks 15 languages. It consists of talented, dedicated people who are proud to make a difference by doing work they love. Meet them!

The Quest Way

We have also created our very own anthem to keep us going every day and remind us of our larger purpose - Run and Get It Done!  The team penned this at the 2015 annual team retreat.

ChiliPili Loka

Built into our office is an open learning space where we gather for discussions, debates and brainstorm ideas. Called ChiliPili Loka, this space is where many of our innovative plans are created and launched. It is also a place where we host our daily lunch and team meetings. To us, it signifies an open space for dialogue and collaboration.

The Quest Experience

Just as they contribute to the bigger picture, every individual at Quest is on their own journey, a progression that involves developing the self, facilitating learning, making pathways, and sharing stories. In 2019, our team grew even further with 80 new staff hires, of which 50% were women. And with a total of 155 employees, we’re still hiring!

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If you want to make a difference in the lives of young people in India, Quest Alliance gives you that opportunity in locations across the country. We are also open for fellowship, internship and volunteering opportunities that gives us a chance to briefly nurture young professionals advancing their career in the sustainable development sector. If you're interested, kindly write to us at: