Rajasthan, North

Our work in the state began a few years ago with MyQuest, our youth employability program in skill training institutes. Since then we have extended our Secondary Schools program to equip high school students in govt. high schools with skills for digital literacy, coding, career development, and building agency.


We work with Govt. Women Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Polytechnics across Rajasthan.

Vision 2023
Our vision for 2023 is to take the MyQuest program to all the govt ITIs in the state through both direct and indirect intervention.
We plan to build robust self-learning environments in the ITI ecosystem and collaborating with key stakeholders to foster student-centric approach.

Strategy and Approach

With a focus on trainer capacity building, we will train educators on employability skills modules to help young people aspire and navigate their career journies. Our intervention also includes building cross-learning spaces for institutional leadership.

Industry engagement and entrepreneurship development is a vital exercise allowing us to offer more career opportunties to youth — especially young women.

We aim to empower skill-building organizations and government schools to transform their learning spaces by fostering collaboration, building capacity of educators and providing tech-enabled, scalable learning solutions.



  • 3,451 Youth Trained
  • 40% Youth in Work
  • 6,000 High School Students
  • 63 Govt. High Schools
  • 100+ Facilitators Trained
  • 5 Polytechnics
  • 6 Industrial Training Institutes
  • 5 Partner Organizations
  • 3 Districts