Digital Literacy in Secondary Schools

Quest equips students in Government schools with basic computer science education and game design to strengthen their academic or professional computer science goals.


Quest, in partnership with AMD India conceptualised a self-learning toolkit to introduce students of government schools in grade 8 and 9 to game design techniques.

Quest invested significantly in designing a self-learning toolkit built on the open Scratch coding platform. What resulted was a rich, interactive, self-learning toolkit for students to explore the world of computer science, coding and game design.

Over the past 4 years with support from AMD, Quest has worked with 4 government schools in Bangalore and Hyderabad with 2,100 students experiencing the joy of designing their own games and projects on the visual design platform Scratch.

A set of self-learning videos and student workbooks provide all the support needed by students to quickly grasp the basic concepts of coding, including looping, sequencing and parallelism. Students design rich, contextual games and multimedia projects that reflect their aspirations, pop culture and immediate realities, while simultaneously learning the fundamentals of computer science.

The project has also seen mentoring by AMD employees as role models for many students who aspire to study computer science in the future. Quest aims to expand this project with support from AMD and other partners to more secondary schools across India over the next 3 years.


  • 2100Students
  • 1050Scratch Projects
  • 4Schools