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Quest Alliance and IBM Partnership for STEM for girls

We have partnered with IBM to intensify our project to introduce coding and digital literacy in government secondary schools for our STEMforGirls program.



For the past year, we have empowered 6,300 girls in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi with coding workshops and an orientation to careers in STEM.

Quest and IBM believe that the disparity today of women in STEM careers can be reduced dramatically if tens of thousands of girls across India are given an opportunity to explore and experience the power of coding their own projects, using coding as a means for self-expression and engaging with volunteers from IBM who are successful in STEM fields, serving as important role models for these girls.

We will partner with state governments, government schools and a network of partner organizations, enabling 80,000 girls with the agency and knowledge to choose careers in STEM fields.


Read more about our Secondary Schools program here.