Tamil Nadu, South

Our focus in Tamil Nadu is on organizations that work with youth, with an emphasis on smaller towns and rural areas. 


In Tamil Nadu, we have an active partnership with the Department of Employment Training, civil society organizations and other skill development agencies to equip young learners with relevant employability skills required for 21st century careers. Our MyQuest program runs in all 32 districts of the state.

Vision 2023

We aim to build attitude, skills among knowledge among young learners to make informed career and life decisions for their economic and social growth.
Our vision for Tamil Nadu and other southern states of India is to impact 1.5 lakh learners by 2023, by develop 21st century skills through blended learning approach. We aim to create student-centric learning environments, breaking biases and restrictive mindsets towards students studying in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Vocational Training Centres (VTIs).

Strategy and Approach

Our aim is to help learners break barriers to opportunities due to the biases that work against them based on the backgrounds they come from. Learner-centric environments across ITIs and other vocational centres will be powered by a mix of blended learning materials and strategies:

  • Foundational skills built up through curriculum in life skills, work skills, customer interaction, communicative English, career development and entrepreneurship
  • Classrooms transformed through use of digital lessons, workbooks, outbound projects, industry exposure activities, and various self-assessments
  • With digital sessions, classroom sessions, workbooks, outdoor activities, industry engagement, assessments, and career connect opportunities, we aim to create a model of skills training.
  • By leveraging a strong network, we aim to enable vocational training institutes and skill-building organizations to transform their learning spaces by fostering collaboration, building capacity of educators and providing tech-enabled learning solutions.



  • 68,031 Youth Trained
  • 63% Youth In Work
  • 850 Facilitators Trained
  • 20 Vocational Training Institutes
  • 1 Polytechnics
  • 106 Industrial Training Institutes
  • 13 Partner Organizations
  • 32 Districts