Strengthening Government ITIs in Tamil Nadu


In 6 locations across Tamil Nadu, the MyQuest team based in Chennai held three-day sessions to train the trainers of Govermnent ITIs.

The training was packed with intensive sessions based on knowing who the student is, interesting debates on careers, practical classroom demos, and interactive activities such as storytelling, energizers, group discussions, learning life skills such as communication, perception and values, and creative activities which served to introduce the trainers to the concept of facilitation and focus on the question: what makes a good teacher?

The ITI trainers were able to apply the facilitation techniques they had learned over the 3-day training period and share how they would incorporate what they had learned into their future sessions.

As the trainers shared their questions, concerns, and personal experiences, the MyQuest team instructed trainers on research based teaching techniques, on maintaining healthy relationships with students, and the importance of creating safe spaces to express themselves without any fear.

The trainers in Government ITIs will now implement the Career Development curriculum in their respective ITIs for the benefit of the students as well as continue to be encouraged on the important role they occupy as facilitators.


Government ITI in Pettai, TN

“These 3 days of training on Life Skills and Career Development was an incredibly energetic program! It will definitely help me develop students in a much better way.”