Bihar, East

We started Anandshala in 2011 to create a district-wide replicable model on child engagement by making school a joyful learning space and building a more responsive education system. In collaboration with the Directorate of Employment & Training, we foster a robust skills training program.  


For the past two decades, the access that children have to elementary education has been the major focus of the central and state government. However, as children fail to complete the full cycle of school education, this has proven to become a major educational challenge.

The idea of Anandshala become the core of government policy on child engagement. We started this as a research project which has now turned into a full-fledged program. It zeroes in on improving the implementation of government policies around quality learning in Indian schools and the learning from Samastipur will be replicated across other districts in Bihar.

In 2015, the MyQuest initiative in colleges and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) started a process to help young people make better career decisions at the right time. 

Vision 2023

We aim for a 3 year strategic partnership with DET that includes learner, trainer and principal engagement. We plan to work with all 149 ITIs in Bihar through employability skills training, innovation and entrepreneurship development, reaching out to nearly 22,000 students. We will deepen our engagement with young women through a direct intervention in the Women ITI ecosystem.

Our VTI network in the state is set to expand to reach out to atleast 1,000 students. Entrepreneurial training and support will now be available to ITI/VTI alumni and other youth.

Our work via the Secondary Schools program will promote STEM education for girls enrolled in govt. high schools, thereby ensuring young women in the state have the knowledge and agency to pursue opportunities in STEM related fields.

Strategy and Approach

The state of Bihar contains much scope and opportunities for young people who constitute around one-fifth of the country’s population. Although jobs and self-employment opportunities exist, young people lack adequate skills needed to use those opportunities.

In the next two years, our plan is to expand our work with more youth organizations and institutions across Bihar, and set up a platform upon which we can approach other states as well with these initiatives. This includes the plan to develop their skills and help them discover their self-confidence and self-awareness for the purpose of enabling them to impact their communities in a positive manner.

We have established the Quest Learning Centre (QLC) in our Samastipur office in Bihar where young people and stakeholders in government schools have the opportunity to access resources and also experience the Quest learning environment. The QLC also hosts movie screenings, guest lectures and other activities. 

Our blended learning toolkits on life skills, works skills and career knowledge will create an environment where each and every young person between the ages of 18-30 receives the opportunity to connect with the right careers, achieve success and take charge of their future.


  • 8,873 Youth Trained
  • 44% Youth In Work (VTI)
  • 252 Facilitators Trained
  • 12,769 High School Students
  • 30 Govt. High Schools
  • 4 Vocational Training Institutes
  • 4 Polytechnics
  • 20 Industrial Training Institutes
  • 3 Partner Organizations
  • 14 Districts


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Digital Content and Media Officer, Bihar

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Facilitator, Bihar

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