Implementing District-Level Change for Students, Teachers and Parents in Samastipur

Anandshala seeks to directly create a more responsive education system and a student-friendly environment in a focused 6 blocks, across 300 schools in Samastipur, Bihar.


In October 2015, Quest Alliance established a district-wide, Proof of Concept of the Anandshala program in Samastipur, Bihar in partnership with The Hans Foundation and Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC).

Advocacy activities disseminated the learning outcomes from these pilot blocks to the remaining 14 blocks through state machinery. Together, we aimed to:

  • Improve the rate of attendance and student engagement in schools
  • Increase the number of open houses, parent-teacher meetings and home visits made by teachers/school functionaries
  • Encourage greater awareness of teachers about students
  • Change parents’ perceptions of school and teachers, and make them more informed about school-related issues

At the system level, our intent was to:

  • Create an effective teacher support system through a cadre of Change Leaders
  • Foster the effective implementation of government policies with support from the district administration

Focus Areas Teachers and Headmasters

Responsible for creating a joyful learning environment in schools ensuring student attendance, retention and learning.   Points of Engagement:

  • School Manual: Covering the program components of Early Warning System, Enrichment Program and Parent Engagement
  • HM Diary: A planning and documentation tool for the Headmasters to better implement the school level processes
  • School Calendar: A planning tool at the school level with reminders built in for different activities
  • Program Posters: A set of 5 posters on the program components Newsletter
  • Recognition of Good Practises posters

Parents and Community

Increase their engagement with school to make teachers accountable towards student engagement and learning.  

Points of Engagement:

  • A set of 3 posters on the importance of education developed as part of SDPP for use in the PTM
  • Working with local Community Based Organisations to inform and engage community members

Education Functionaries

Enable education functionaries to provide effective support and capacity building to teachers and headmasters.  

Points of Engagement:

  • CRC Diary: a planning and documentation tool collaboratively created with the CRCs to help them deliver on their role of teacher support and school visits better
  • Program Posters: a set of 5 posters on the program components newsletter


District-Level Advocacy

  • Strengthened relationships and deeper understanding of the importance of Anandshala at the district, block and cluster levels
  • Shared stories of change initiated by students and submitted to DFC

Capacity Building

  • Developed Change Leaders in BRC and CRCC to lead the change in their respective blocks
  • Conducted regular programs for BRP, CRCC, HM and Anandshala Ambassadors

Onsite Support and Good Practices

  • Activated Bal Sansad and Meena Manch
  • Increased community awareness and involvement
  • Regular, consistent school visits and support from CRCC and BRC
  • Good practices firmly in place in six model schools
  • Increased students attendance and engagement


  • 300 Schools
  • 96,704Students
  • 10Change Leaders
  • 300Anandshala Ambassadors
  • 300Headmasters
  • 900Teachers
  • 85BRC/CRC