The Hub


Getting great tools into educators’ hands is an important part of delivering on the promise of quality education for every student.

Our newest offering, The Hub contains tools that empower educators to engage with blended learning strategies, materials and networks to comprehensively develop 21st century learners and build their social capital.

The Hub contains four major components:

Quest Learning App: is an Android application that will allow its users to access all of our courses, track student performance and share feedback. On the Quest Learning app, Quest toolkits for 21st century learning are now accessible anytime, anywhere, by anyone on any platform whether it is the web, offline, tab or mobile.

The Quest Learning app contains:

  • Library: learners can browse free courses and provide feedback on their experience
  • Classroom: facilitators can manage attendance and student performance in real time
  • Journal: a platform to reflect, document and share your experience and your learners’ experiences using photos, videos and audio

LearnPi Server: is a small and lightweight, Raspberry Pi server that deploys high quality digital content offline to enable learners cost-effective access to Quest resources with easy mobility.

Its prime features are:

  • low cost server with easy mobility that deploys high quality Quest Alliance digital content offline
  • provides data sync
  • battery backup
  • a webcam
  • an Internet slot

The LearnPi Server is designed to allow learners to start a blended learning classroom anywhere.

Tool Box: is a resource bank for facilitators that contains engaging teaching-learning aids which help create an experiential learning classroom. The facilitators can pull out relevant aids based on what they want to work with the learners on, on any given day.

The tools allow the learners to take charge of their own learning process. The toolbox contains:

  • Lesson plans and activity cards
  • Quest Town cards
  • Actor’s Studio
  • Career Cards
  • Games
  • Films
  • Projector/Sound
  • Tab Lab (coming soon)

Insights and Stories: provides real time analysis of student performance and centre performance, including placement data, make it a vital tool to support the educator.

Insights and Stories helps facilitators understand:

  • Student Performance: which takes place during the course and information such as the background of the students, their engagement, and their performance in the course. After the course, information can be accessed relating to placement and career related growth.
  • Centre Related: provides data on the performance of individual centres as a combination of students’ and trainers’ performances and other centre specific parameters.
  • Partner Related: displays the performance of Quest partners including students, trainers, centres, and organization-specific aspects to guide Quest’s work with individual partners

Accessible to all, The Hub is not entirely dependent on internet connectivity, equips educators with the tools to develop a career mind-set in learners and provide them with continued career service support. 

The Hub enables the following success indicators to be reimagined:

  • a career mind-set to be developed
  • active learner participation of the connected web
  • engagement with industry experts
  • continued career service support to explore paths and upskill oneself

We are bringing about change in communities and complex social systems by applying 21st century skills to impact the following:

  • Vision: to understand the self and identify a change agenda for the self and society
  • Initiate: to produce change by building change agents and mobilizing local resources
  • Sustain: to build local and relevant solutions and develop ownership in communities

Coming Soon!

Trainer Tribe

Trainer Tribe is an online learning community for educators to encourage professional development through peer learning. Every trainer’s social capital, Trainer Tribe enables peer-to-peer engagement, amplifies their voices, learning and identity.

Career Connect

Career Connect is an important component of the MyQuest program to connect young people to the right careers. It allows for:

  • virtual industry tours
  • alumni upskilling
  • online counselling
  • alumni stories
  • career information

The Hub empowers educators to engage with blended learning strategies, materials and networks to develop 21st century learners to get students and facilitators on board for anytime, anywhere learning!