Gujarat & Maharashtra, West

The Vision 2023 for Gujarat and Maharashtra aims to reach 100,000 youth across 33 districts in the states. In over 200 centres, we aim to create a benchmark for 21st century skills training and getting youth career ready. 


It is our aim to empower institutions to deliver quality youth skilling programs with a blended learning approach. We endeavour to be a resource centre for the community by creating employability skills labs and career clubs in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), colleges and government high schools.

There is a need for massive skills training to meet the high-growth employment requirements across sectors. Through our extensive work in Gujarat, we have found that the focus of skills development needs to be on adolescents and youth that are in the following categories:

  • Girls enrolled in government high schools
  • Out-of-school youth searching for work
  • Students in ITIs, polytechnics and other colleges who require career guidance, work preparedness and entrepreneurial skills
  • Rural youth wanting to upskill and access the local jobs market as well as other self-employment opportunities

Our strategy in Gujarat is to create learning environments that will enable young girls to pursue education and careers STEM fields and equip youth with skills to get meaningful jobs. Our partners include govt. high schools, ITIs, VTIs, NGOs and community based organizations.

Vision 2023

Over the next 3 years, help our partner institutions transition into thriving youth development centres where young people can freely access the support, resources and skills required for self-learning. Our newest Secondary Schools Program aims to equip high school students with skills for digital literacy, coding, career development, and building agency.

Strategy and Approach

  • Design, develop and demonstrate a model of self-learning that advances the life and career goals for adolescent girls and youth.
  • Work closely with the government to bring about a systemic change employability skills training and STEM education.
  • Build a replicable gender model for empowering girls and women to complete skills training and transition into the world of work.
  • Advocate and strengthen government policies to include 21st century skills and catalyze focused implementation of the same in Gujarat’s education and skilling sector.


  • 1,16,551 Youth Trained
  • 64% Youth In Work
  • 1,193 Facilitators Trained
  • 14,410 High School Students
  • 115 Govt. High Schools
  • 105 Industrial Training Institutes
  • 43 Vocational Training Institutes
  • 10 Partner Organizations
  • 31 Districts