Vocational Skills Training for Youth

Quest supports a network of vocational institutions with knowledge, technology, funding and industry connections for training in life and work skills to youth seeking employment.


Quest’s work in non-formal vocational institutes reaches youth between the ages of 17 to 30 who have dropped out of formal education systems or are unable to find employment due to a lack of specific skills that are in demand in the labour market.

Quest’s blended learning approach comprises a learning management system, self learning content for students in English, Work Readiness, Retail Customer interaction skills and Digital Literacy skills.

Quest provides end-to-end support to vocational centers, including an immersive Train the Trainer experience for their facilitators, an orientation on blended learning techniques to the institute staff, transfer of technology, curriculum and materials for facilitators and students, as well as ongoing support for institutes, as they complete this change process to a blended learning environment.

Quest also initiates contact with local employers to improve job opportunities for youth, and facilitates market visits, internships and on-the-job training, where possible.


Quest has worked on the following short term vocational training projects:

  • Skills to Succeed in partnership with Accenture focusing on Retail and Customer Interaction training
  • My Career initiative in partnership with Godrej
  • Good and Green focusing on career development modules for youth
  • YouthSpark in partnership with Microsoft focusing on computer science and digital literacy training
  • Building Professional Networks in partnership with LinkedIn


  • 30000Youth trained
  • 500Trainers trained
  • 25States
  • Centres
  • Youth placed