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Organised by USAID-funded School Dropout Prevention Pilot program

20th May 2015, Samastipur, Bihar

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YouthSpark Live is a global initiative by Microsoft Citizenship. In India, ‘YouthSpark Live’ was initiated by...

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What Our People Say...

The QUEST Alliance is a unique platform where the interest and capabilities of NGOs and the private sector converge to design innovative and scalable solutions for education and training for children and youth, leveraging the power of existing and emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

William Reese – President & CEO, International Youth Foundation

The alliance gives partners a place to park ideas and serendipity happens. Microsoft had never thought of targeting computer skills training to victims of trafficking until the alliance brought our organizations together.

Nalini Gangadharan, CAP Foundation

"The QUEST Alliance is a valuable platform for sharing the ideas and unique strengths of educational partners to meet a larger goal; the partners share their strengths and make it possible to cross collaborate and learn."

Vikas Goswami, Lead CSR, Microsoft India

Quality education is a major business opportunity. The alliance allows us to match corporate interests and resources with educational needs. It is a win-win for youth. QUEST’s advantage is the germination of ideas through the sharing and visioning process

Sabyasachi Das, Pratham

"QUEST is the result of USAID's belief in the power of partnerships; the alliance is well suited to take the lead in promoting effective use of technology in education and skills training. The USAID vision is for QUEST to evolve into an independent entity, generating and programming its own funds."

Dana Fischer, Director, Office of Social Development, USAID India