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What attributes and skills are necessary for young people to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century?

National Institute of Advanced Studies

For the past year, we have empowered 5000 girls in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi with coding workshops and an orientation to careers in STEM. Quest and IBM believe that the disparity today of women in STEM careers can be reduced dramatically if tens of thousands of girls across India are given an opportunity to explore …

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Parent Engagement Day

Frequently, we hold sessions for parents and students to talk to each other about career choices, ask each other questions and understand one another. In addition to academic, behavioral and emotional outcomes, parents are a major influence on their child’s career development and career decision-making. A considerable number of our students are the first in …

LinkedIn for Good supports R&D of a Mobile-First, Anytime, Anywhere Learning Toolkit for Youth

Quest and LinkedIn have worked together since 2015 in an effort to introduce disadvantaged youth to the benefits of a professional digital identity and its associated benefits. Over the past year, Quest has trained 4,000 students on using LinkedIn as well as on career related skills. Over the course of 2017, LinkedIn for Good has …

Cisco Partners With Quest To Train Students In Critical Life, Work, Career Readiness Skills

Cisco and Quest Alliance signed a formal agreement in December 2016 under Quest’s Youth Employability Initiative for Industrial Training Institutes. Under this agreement, Cisco has provided a grant to Quest Alliance of INR 2.2 Crore or $350,000 USD to train 10,000 students across government and private ITIs in Assam, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Students will …

Accenture and Quest Alliance Partnership Renewal

Accenture and Quest have worked together since 2009 to design and scale a digital learning ecosystem to equip youth with critical life and work skills that has reached over 20,000 youth. Accenture India, as part of its continuing commitment towards building skills among youth in India under its Skills to Succeed initiative has renewed its …

MyQuest Forum 2016

New Delhi, India

Oracle Enables Access to Diverse Digital Learning Tools to 400 Teachers and Head Teachers

A network of Anandshala Change Leaders who are Government functionaries at the cluster level will be trained and equipped to support teachers as they adopt digital tools for teaching and learning. Quest, through its Anandshala program, has an ongoing partnership with the Bihar State Government to work across the district of Samastipur in Bihar as …

Global Giving Campaign

As a part of Global Giving’s March Accelerator, our online fundraising campaign for the Anandshala program raised $10,350 from 120 donors in just two weeks! The generosity of people like you has won Anandshala a permanent spot on the Global Giving platform and more importantly, ensured better learning for 90,000 students across the Samastipur district …

Bihar Diwas Day

Every year, on March 22, Bihar commemorates the formation of the state and numerous events all across Bihar celebrate its accomplishments and highlight its ambition. One of the critical areas Bihar is seeking to develop capacity is educational reform. It has one of the highest dropout rates and lowest student outcomes in the country. In …

Workshop on Community Media in Schools

Gujarat, India

Quest 2 Learn Summit 2016

Bengaluru, India