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What attributes and skills are necessary for young people to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century?

National Institute of Advanced Studies

  Career Conquest is a set of 36 interactive mobisodes (mobile-episodes) that equip young people with the mindset, skills and knowledge to craft fulfilling careers for themselves. They empower the learners to own their professional journeys by developing a foundational understanding of their own self and work possibilities of the future. The target user group …

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YouthSpark Live 2015

Bengaluru, India

Quest Day

Bengaluru, India

Livelihood Connect Workshop

Bengaluru, India

Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation

Bengaluru, India

YouthSpark Live 2014

Bengaluru, India

YouthSpark Live 2013

Microsoft Campus

Roundtable on Corporate Social Responsibility

Bengaluru, India

National Instructional Design Workshop

Bengaluru, India