Yuva Solution Makers 2021

June - July 2021



The Yuva Solution Makers hackathon series was organized in partnership with Design for Change and Inqui-Lab Foundation, under the #IBMSTEMforGirlsIndia program.

Students from govt. high schools built solutions for everyday problems by ideating, experimenting, making and tinkering. This series of hackathons celebrated students' abilities to solve problems, inspiring innovation and cultivating young communities with an aim to deepen the STEM mindset and 21st century skills in fun and meaningful ways.

350 students from 6 states across India brought their ideas to life with STEM skills and innovative prototypes. Take a look --

Andhra Pradesh: 49 Students | 10 Projects ↗ 
Assam: 42 Students | 10 Projects ↗ 
Bihar: 28 Students | 10 Projects ↗ 
Gujarat: 50 Students | 10 Projects ↗ 
Odisha: 43 Students | 10 Projects  ↗ 
Karnataka: 92 Students | 20 Projects  ↗ 


About the IBM STEM For Girls (India) program:

Developed in collaboration with Quest Alliance, IBM STEM for Girls aims to develop 21st century skills and STEM mindset among girls in government secondary schools. The initiative is designed to help girls break gender stereotypes and explore the possibilities of STEM-enabled careers. Read more ↗