Hiring | Short-term consultant: Developing strategy and operational plan for youth self-employment

We are seeking to hire a consultant to support strategy and operational plans for Youth Self-Employment. The consultant will have experience in the field of youth employability, workforce development and self-employment in India. Here below are the terms of reference.


The consultant shall closely work with the Self-Employment team to build a strategy and operation plan for self-employment thematic area of Quest Alliance.
The primary emphasis on work readiness, training for self-employment, emerging business opportunities and access to financial resources to sustain the business models.

Type: Short Term Consultancy
Start date: 10th January 2022
Finish date: 7th March 2022
Expected number of working days: 25 days (over a period of 8 weeks)

Key eligibility requirements for the consultant are:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work/Rural Management/Organization Development/Enterprise development or associated development streams
  • Prior Consultancy assignments carried out in the areas of Skills development, Employability and Self-Employment spaces, microfinance, urban and rural development, economics, agricultural economics, development studies, business administration or another relevant field
  • Experience in working directly with and training youth and/or business/career development related training topics
  • Professional track record and competence in the development, implementation and evaluation of successful self-employment and enterprise development programs
  • Knowledge of self-employment initiatives being supported by State, Central Government, CSR etc.
  • Knowledge of issues in youth employability and the social development sector, how Self-Employment is defined, income levels considered as adequate with the context of India
  • Relevant and proven experience in coaching and supporting the development of successful small and micro-enterprises
  • Relevant experience in designing and developing livelihoods and business development curriculum, and hands on methodologies
  • Ability to train, coach and mentor
  • Excellent written English and ability to write reports
  • Conversant with technology tools

The consultant is responsible for:

  • Close collaborative working with self-employment working group of Quest Alliance
  • Technical Assistance to working group to build draft strategy for self-employment (SE) that includes vision around Green entrepreneurship, gig economy among others
  • Strategy for network building and access to funding - Self-employment focusses partners - NGOs, government agencies, technical support agencies etc.
  • Facilitating a workshop for working to review and finalize the strategy and operation plan for self-employment.
  • Developing a program blueprint for self-employment thematic area
  • Models for strengthening post training linkages and supporting entrepreneurs to set up businesses
  • Models of capacity building and content requirement on self-employment


  • Self-Employment strategy for the thematic area of Quest Alliance considering the vision around green entrepreneurship, gig economy, women participation among others
  • Program blueprint that integrates self-employment as a critical component of Quest Alliance’s work with youth
  • Strategy document for network building - Self Employment focusses partners - NGOs, government agencies, technical support agencies etc.
  • Regional strategy for Self-Employment, the continuum from being self-employment to being an entrepreneur
  • Strategy for Partnerships and collaboration with other expert organizations focusing on Self-employment
  • Post training linkages, process and guidance to entrepreneurs set up businesses
  • Digital and face to face content on self-employment
  • M&E plan for self-employment strategy, progress markers and Results framework

Consultancy Fee:

The consultant to indicate the total fee inclusive of taxes. The consultant shall work virtually and cost towards communication expenses are part of the total consultancy fee proposed. If any travel required to meet with the Working Group, the travel expenses shall be covered by Quest Alliance.

Payment schedule:

- 50% upon completion draft strategic and operation plan
- 50% upon final approval of deliverables outlined as part of this Terms of Reference.


The consultant will be required to sign a confidentiality clause whereby information accessed through the consultancy process can only be disclosed and shared with authorized members of the Quest Alliance. The Quest Alliance will have ownership over any Intellectual Property developed for or derived
from the consultancy assignment.

To participate:

If you are interested in undertaking this consultancy assignment for Quest Alliance, please submit your complete CV with a cover letter specifying why you qualify for this task. Please include links or attachments of previous material you have developed. The Expression of Interest shall be sent to by Sunday, 2nd January 2022, end of day.