Our publications are products of inter- disciplinary conferences, workshops and spaces we create in the areas of education and employability to learn, innovate and make an impact upon learners and educators alike.

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Employability - White paper

Skilling for the Future of Work: An Outlook for Youth in the Platform Economy

This white paper brings to light the reality of a fast-platfomizing Indian economy and the challenges and opportunities it presents for youth from the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) ecosystem in India.

This is published with support from Cisco and knowledge partners Tandem Research.

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Facilitator Development - Facilitator Development, Research Studies

Transforming the Engineering Education Ecosystem, One Institution at a Time | Thematic Paper

In 2017, Altran, NASSCOM Foundation, and Quest Alliance collaborated to implement a blended learning program for educators in Tier II and Tier III engineering colleges. The initiative harnessed experiential and digital learning to upskill educators, to advance the learning capacities of marginalized engineering students. In this paper, we present an array of concerns as we see in the engineering ecosystem, and also present solutions and recommendations to transform it.

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Education - Research Studies

Making a Game

How do you build a board game? This is a short documentation of how we developed a board game for youth - called Career Quest. If you are starting to make board games, this will help you understand the process which we used.

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