Our publications are products of inter-disciplinary conferences, workshops and spaces we create in the areas of education and employability to learn, innovate and make an impact upon learners and educators alike.

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Research Study - Research Studies

Blended Learning: Experiences in public education and design principles for low-tech environments

The paper draws on insights from our qualitative study with students, teachers, administrators, and parents from 11 states utilizing Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) techniques, interviews, and focus groups. The study was led by Dr. Indira Vijaysimha from Poorna Learning Centre, and Dr. Farhat Ara from Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology. Published with support from IBM, it provides a conceptual framework to understand and examine the various necessary components of a blended learning and teaching approach.


Education - Research Studies

Enabling Effective School To Work Transitions: COVID-19 And Beyond

With support from HT Parekh Foundation, we interviewed experts, school stakeholders and non-profits working to build seamless 21st century education systems. This paper explores ways to mitigate learning disruptions by integrating 21st century skills into India's schools.



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