Our publications are products of inter- disciplinary conferences, workshops and spaces we create in the areas of education and employability to learn, innovate and make an impact upon learners and educators alike.

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Education - Research Studies

Strategic Plan 2019-2023 – Transforming School-To-Work Ecosystems Through Self-Learning

This five year plan has chalked out new opportunities to transform learning ecosystems through education technology, capacity building, and collaboration. We're amplifying our work, advocacy and scope to empower 4 million learners, equip 50,000 educators, partner with 7 state governments, build our network of 950 CSOs and ITIs, and strengthen 5450 schools, across 12 states.


Employability - Case Study

Innovating for Scale

This case study is a blueprint of the Quest—Accenture partnership that build the way for more strategic associations, expanding a growing network of people and companies and added more weight and dimension to the original vision of the Skills to Succeed program,  harnessing funding, technology, learning systems, and blended learning for 21st Century skills.


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Employability - Research Studies

Vocational Skills Training for Underprivileged Youth

A macro study done to assess the market needs of the retail sector and identify the challenges faced by Vocational Training Centres for the purpose of delivering quality programs at scale.


Education - Evaluation Reports

Education Technology in India

A situational analysis conducted in 2005 by Dr. B. Phalachandra and Osama Manzar to understand the challenges of implementing programs at scale and innovation possibilities in the Indian Education and Skills training sector.


Education - Research Studies

Making a Game

How do you build a board game? This is a short documentation of how we developed a board game for youth - called Career Quest. If you are starting to make board games, this will help you understand the process which we used.