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Hack to the Future: Odisha Edition 2024

In Odisha, Quest Alliance, in partnership with the Amazon Future Engineer program, has been working with government secondary schools to enable students to learn coding. In collaboration with the Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan, Quest Alliance has contributed to the development of the Kaushali curriculum, which enables students to develop computational thinking skills.
During this five-day journey, students refined problem statements, brainstormed, worked on prototypes, and learned programming using various software. With each session, they navigated the intricacies of design thinking, software development, and the art of presentation. Through hands-on workshops and mentor-led guidance, they sharpened their skills, learned how to tackle obstacles, and pushed the boundaries of creativity to create impressive real-time problem-solving prototypes.



Research Study - Research Studies

Equity in Action: Insights from a five-year-long intervention with women in education and skilling

Adolescent girls and young women in India are faced with multiple barriers and disadvantages that manifest themselves early on both at home and in public spheres. These culminate in adolescent girls and young women having limited agency and decision making ability about aspects of their own lives, in low female labour force participation as well as unequal representation in public life and spaces. To address the gender disadvantages, Quest Alliance has adopted the following strategies in its program design. 



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