YouthSpark Live 2013

11 – 12 Dec 2013
Bengaluru, India, Microsoft Campus


YouthSpark Live is a forum held by Microsoft and its partnering organization to introduce young people to technology, thereby opening up their minds to future educational and employment opportunities in computer science.

Over two days, a group of young people came together at the Microsoft campus in Bangalore to put their computer science training to the test.

They participated in workshops, training sessions and a unique opportunity to present business plans that they had been working on. As a part of their learning experience, these presentations went on to be assessed by a panel of judges (including Microsoft senior personnel) and received valuable feedback.

In partnership with Microsoft, YouthSpark Live provided these 18 young people with an ideal learning environment to explore their interest and develop their skills – an investment that will impact their lives and futures.


“There is no dearth of getting finances, but there is a dearth of getting good mentors. At the end of this two-day program, I expect to get a mentor who can guide me. That is most important.”