Quest Day

2014 - Ongoing
, Bengaluru, India


On Quest Day we stand back and take a look at the achievements made possible by the support of our partners, family and friends.

Invited to the Quest Alliance office in Bangalore, our partners join us in celebrating the lives that we have impacted over the past year.

Our resources (digital toolkits) are laid out on tables which people can take a look at, ask questions on, and even sample.

Family and friends of Quest Alliance are also invited to Quest Day during which they get a glimpse of the work that goes into the programs which their support makes possible.

As 2014 was our first Quest Day:

    • We marked it as a milestone
    • We recognized the commitment of long time employees
    • We had a panel discussion with partners who were with us from our early days

The following year, in 2015:

Our programs impact hundreds of lives each year. On our next Quest Day, we look forward to you, our reader, in joining us to impact many more in the decades to come.

Gautam Dey

Quest Team

“What I like about working with Quest is that I am able to see the bigger picture here. I can see the whole of India and even the world.”