Quest 2 Learn Summit 2016

10 – 11 Feb 2016
IIM Campus, Bengaluru, India


Our annual conference Quest2Learn opens the discussion on education in India with specific emphasis on the rift between education and skills that are required by young people who are entering a competitive workforce.

Leaders and organizations convene each year to brainstorm on the challenges facing teachers and students. The findings of these thorough discussions are followed up by a roundtable to draw up practical solutions to solve these pressing issues.

Over the years some of the solutions have included adopting a blended learning approach in classrooms (to address the issue of teacher shortage) and the creation of a diverse range of digital resources to fill the gap when it comes to much needed skills in the professional world.

The Quest2Learn Summit for 2017 is one month away! The 60-second teaser video above gives you a glimpse of what to expect for this year’s conference plus much more!

Maya Menon

The Teacher Foundation

“To begin with, there is a shortage of teachers in our country. A study shows that teacher quality is the most important element is student performance, and yet we continue to neglect them.”