SDPP Policy Dialogue

05 – 06 Aug 2015
, Patna, Bihar


The alarming rate of school dropouts is an issue that requires attention. Without adequate action taken, millions of children will be denied the chance to lead lives of potential. In partnership with USAID, the School Dropout Prevention Program addresses this exact issue.

The workshop was held to discuss these issues and from the discussion, two important components emerged which were subsequently added to the program:

  • Early Warning System to identify students who are at risk of dropping out (and an appropriate support structure in the form of personal attention and peer support)
  • In-school Enrichment Programs to encourage free expression and creative thinking such as sports, language and the arts

In addition to the above, a crucial discussion was held on anti-discriminatory practices and ways to implement them.

To promote attendance and enhance positive behavior in the students is the focus of the SDPP program and this productive workshop proved to be a forum where the exchange of ideas resulted in its successful implementation.

The School Dropout Prevention has run its 5 year course and has now transitioned into the Anandshala Program which is implemented in over 100 schools in the district of Samastipur in Bihar.