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Enabling Women Transform From Empoyment Seekers To Entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is a focused initiative under the MyQuest program. It aims to foster and nurture entrepreneurial spirit in young women.


According to the Economic Survey (2018-19), close to 12 million people in India enter the workplace annually. However, only 5-6 jobs million jobs are created per year with government jobs making up only a fraction of this number.

While job seekers already exceed the number of job opportunities, women studying in ITIs and polytechnics have to also overcome societal barriers to enter the workforce.

A lack of support from family, limited access to education, and safety concerns are instrumental in discouraging women from seeking jobs. In such a reality, Entrepreneurship in women seems like a pipe dream; they lack both confidence and financial autonomy to start their own businesses.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) is an initiative that hopes to address the employment crisis and instil confidence in women from ITIs and polytechnics to tread on the path of entrepreneurship.

It envisions the beginning of their journey as employment seekers and aims to help them realise the disadvantages of relying on an already over-crowded job market. Then it helps them identify their core strengths to begin small self-employed units, as an alternative to seeking employment. Finally, it hopes to provide them the necessary skills to help them replicate and scale-up their business models to begin new enterprises.

It uses a four-step approach over a period of six-months to address key challenges associated with the starting a business. They include:

Step 1: Building Aspirations -- Aspiring Students of ITIs or Polytechnic register for a self-employment training.
Step 2: Entrepreneurial Mindset Building -- YE Cohort, a 10-day rigorous self-employment training is organized to help identify a business idea, formulate a business plan, assess viability, and pitch to investors.
Step 3: Technical Training Support -- Internships or additional training is provided to help gain sector-specific skills and industry experience.
Step 4: Hand-holding -- Four reflection workshops and mentorship programme to help manage business challenges.


  • 81Students
  • 13ITIs, VTIs and Polytechnics
  • 3States
  • 52%Set up business