Akhil’s Opportunity To Repay His Family’s Debt

Working in a supermarket may not be a childhood dream for most of us but as supermarkets dominate the urban and peri-urban markets, jobs in these stores continue to grow, and these jobs become viable opportunities for youth from low-income communities and limited educational options to begin their career journeys and learn new skills.


On an average, it allows millions of youth be the first in their families to enter formal workforce. 20 year old Akhil Santosh from Vaduvanchal, Kerala, was part of our #MyQuest program that helps youth transition from school to work. He was part of the Skills To Succeed project that we run in collaboration with Accenture. This is his story so far---

Meet Akhil Santosh | Alumni:

Akhil Santosh

Alumni, CDEW, Wayanad

I am helping pay my family’s debts with my salary.