Employment Training for Undergraduate Students

Quest has worked with colleges since 2016 to deliver career development tools, and critical life and work skills training to final year college students on the cusp of entering the workforce.


In India, youth that complete their undergraduate degree are not prepared or equipped with the 21st century skills that are needed to succeed.

Their numbers accelerate year on year, and is a steadily growing cause for concern amongst teachers and their prospective employers.

Quest addresses this gap by equipping colleges in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with tools and materials for faculty and students to engage with the industry, map their own career pathways, conduct market scans and better understand the opportunities that await them outside their campuses.

Quest has worked with 7,000 youth with a focus on women-only institutions. Frequent interactions with industry representatives and field visits for students have been facilitated by colleges with support from Quest.


  • Barclays Youth Employment Initiative in partnership with Barclays has impacted the lives of 10,000 youth in undergraduate colleges across 3 states.

Career Development Initiatives

  • With support from UNDP’s Disha program, we have reached out to students with a focus on women in Delhi and Karnataka.


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