YouthSpark Live

This project brings together learners, educators, Government officials, Microsoft employees and industry experts to highlight the importance of entrepreneurial skills in the 21st century.


What It Is

YouthSpark Live is a forum that Microsoft and Quest Alliance created to introduce youth to technology, employment best practices and entrepreneurship incubation.

YouthSpark Live India has supported hundreds of young people and youth facilitators from across the country in planning their own future, identifying opportunities in the region and the solving the critical social issues through venture ideas.

What We Did

Quest Alliance helped conceive and implement YouthSpark Live India programs in Bengaluru, where young people could interact with Microsoft experts and mentors, and get a glimpse of the latest Microsoft technologies.

In India, the YouthSpark Live program has successfully completed four phases. In its fourth edition, the program looked at helping young people and youth trainers discover the skills and knowledge required to start a business as well provide resources and opportunities available through Microsoft for such learning. The fourth phase also saw the launch of the Build Your Business program.

Through YouthSpark Live India, we

  • Created awareness about the importance of entrepreneurial skills in achieving success in the 21st century
  • Inspired youth and trainers through the launch of the Build Your Business program for the effective learning of entrepreneurship skills
  • Highlighted new opportunities through exposure to Microsoft technologies and an increased focus on computer science and coding
  • Brought together different stakeholders in the skills training, youth affairs and education ecosystem, with a focus on finding solutions


  • 100 Youth
  • 9States
  • 15Organizations
  • 11Entrepreneurs
  • 15Facilitators
  • 125Kodu Missions Completed