Udaan Life Skills

An initiative to make India’s youth employable by developing their capacity to learn new and innovative skills and instill a strong work ethic.


The Udaan Life Skills Program is an initiative of GE and Pearson Foundation, which is being further developed and scaled by Quest Alliance and Youth Reach.

What It Is

This program equips young people between 14 and 18 years of age, from marginalized groups, with the skills that will help them stay in school and get educational skills, professional skills and the necessary confidence to succeed.

What We Did

Quest Alliance created a program that delivered these core competencies:

  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Personal competency, decision-making, entrepreneurship and getting started
  • Effective work habits, teamwork, workplace protocol, time management
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including substance abuse prevention, nutrition, STD/ HIV/ AIDS prevention and hygiene
  • Developing respect and values for differences and diversity
  • Civic responsibility and community service

Building on successes and lessons learned, the program partners are working with local networks to scale-up through master training programme, with the on-going modification of the curriculum in parallel.

Who We Reached

  • 18,612 youth for vocational training
  • 464 trainers
  • Implementation across 9 NGOs in Delhi, Bangalore, Bhimavaram and Hyderabad
  • 601 copies of the life skills toolkit printed in various languages and distributed


  • 18,612Youth
  • 464 Trainers
  • 9NGOs
  • 601Toolkits