Training in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


In Phnom Penh in Cambodia, we conducted a 4-day training session with Digital Divide Data (DDD) on Life Skills, Facilitation and the use of the Digital Life Skills Toolkit.

Six trainers from Digital Divide Data participated from three countries: Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya.

The objective of the training was to give participants an orientation to Quest's approach to life skills and on using the Digital Life Skills Toolkit. Using the toolkit, DDD will be facilitating life skills training among disadvantaged youth in these three countries to train and offer them employment in the BPO sector.

The participants have shared that it helped them shift from being a teacher to a facilitator, showed them ways to keep students interested, introduced fun but relevant activities and encouraged them to understand themselves.

They also shared that it was important to take the lessons they learned and apply it to their daily activities in the classroom, home and the community at large.


“What I take away from this training is self-awareness. I have learned many other techniques which I will implement back home in Laos.”