The Learner Publication


Launched at our annual Quest 2 Learn Summit, The Learner is our first annual publication that explores diverse areas of learning from research studies to impact stories of young people throughout India.

The Learner opens with the question – What does it mean to strive for lifelong learning in 2017?

In answering this question, we have partnered with experts in the NGO sector, the corporate world, Government and private institutions and, of course, the heart of this publication – our learner.

The Learner is a 144-page document set in illustrative style to enable you to journey through highly specialized content that delves into topics of education, employability, online learning, gender, success in the twenty-first century and more.

As you flip through the pages of The Learner above, you will discover that learning is at the heart of Quest Alliance and is our driving force. The Learner’s core focus and content is intended to remind the reader that whether we are students or educators, we are all learners.

We invite you to join our community of readers of The Learner.

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