Kavita Kuntal always felt that it was very important for women to be financially independent. So, family responsibilities did not deter her from joining an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Gujarat. At the ITI, self employment training in the form of the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) provided wings to dreams and she began JK Fashion at home. JK Fashion is a home-based clothing enterprise.

Kavita says  (YEP) helped her to start the business. “I did not have a long-term entrepreneurial mindset, nor did I ever think of using online platforms to grow my business, prior to the program.” she adds.

Kavita claims that YEP helped her develop a professional identity and position herself as a businesswoman both online and offline.

Kavita buys products from the wholesale market and sells them to customers in her locality. As of now her business is a small-scale enterprise but Kavita has big dreams for it.

“If you are passionate about starting a business, age shouldn’t deter you. Today, I have taken a small step towards my dreams but I am confident that one day, I will have my own readymade clothing store,” she adds.

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