With keen interest in animal husbandry, Elanthurai started a pet shop at his home. In a small space to spare he set up shop and started selling birds in his neighbourhood. As the sales got better he started selling rabbits, dogs, lovebirds and cows. He gets these domestic animals from the popular wholesale market in Santhai.
Despite completing his Mechanical Motor Vehicle course in the govt. ITI, he has never foregone his interest for animals, “I know what it takes to raise them, their breeding period etc.; each animal needs a different kind of maintenance. It needs a lot of attention, and since I love pets I never feel like it’s cumbersome — When we love our work, it will always give us good results”, says Elanthurai.

Elanthurai’s father is a big support to him at his pet shop. Whenever he gets busy with other work, his father takes care of the pets and helps him transport them to customers.

He credits the Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) with providing information on business ethics, costing and planning. “A pet store was always my dream, but I was not sure about taking the leap and expanding it. I always thought about opening a pet shop, but I had a fear of expenses. YEP helped me to learn more loan availability and the opportunities we have now”, he says Elanthurai.
He plans to expand his business with more pets and cows, which will help him to start milk sales too. “Focusing on our interests definitely helps us in many ways” adds Elanthurai.