Barda Momin has her own handicrafts business, ‘Barda’s Reverie’ where she sells earrings &  dreamcatchers. Barda was fond of making things out of waste since childhood and learnt to make earrings after watching videos on YouTube.  She was always complimented for her creations and it  motivated her to start a business. She started selling her products offline and uses social media pages to  take orders and  display her products.

Barda did not have any specific plan in her mind when she started her business but after the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) she developed an understanding of the  various steps that need to be followed in the initial stages of starting a business.

She got ideas about how to identify the target audience and  pitch her business. With the help of the unit costing exercise in the program she was able to manage her finances on a regular-basis.

Now owing to her success, she is supported by her relatives and earns just about enough to meet some of her financial needs. Along with the business, she also works  as a sales supervisor in an apparel store. The job has helped her develop new ideas and gain knowledge on how to handle a business..

In the future, she plans to open a store and supply her products to other sellers around Tura and nearby places.

See ‘Barda’s Reverie’ Here: