At Quest, we practice diversity in every form. Collectively, our team hails from 12 states, speaks 15 languages and consists of talented, dedicated people who are proud to make a difference by doing work they love. This is who they are.

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Vahneilhing Singson

Placement Associate

Vaibhav Srivastava

Placement Manager

Vanisree Rangala

Program Officer

Venkata Ramana B

Finance Manager (Accounts & Compliance)

Vikrant Solanki

Program Manager

Vinay Jaibahaddur

Office Assistant

Vinita Newar

Program Coordinator

Vipul Dabhi

Senior Program Officer

Vivek Singh Sikarwar

Monitoring Officer

Vriti Sawhney

Program Coordinator - Self Employment

Y. Sarumathi

Program Associate

Zaheera Vaz

Marketing & Communication Coordinator