Priyanka’s Grit and Determination is an Inspiration

Her family — like numerous others — don’t encourage women to work if the men are capable of putting food on the table.


Priyanka Kumari is a shy and strong-willed 22-year-old from Delhi, who convinced her family to support her decision to work. "I would constantly tell my family that I wanted to work, but they would never agree”, says Priyanka. She had to put up a tough fight at home to complete her graduation.

Her family -- like numerous others -- believed that an educated woman adds no big value to the household. She comes from a conservative family where women are not encouraged to work if the men are capable of putting food on the table. It's interesting because Priyanka’s mother has been the earning member of the family after her father lost his job. Her mother works at Goonj as an office help. "Papa couldn't find a job for three years, but now he helps out at a shop nearby," says Priyanka.

The frail financial condition at home drove Priyanka to join an ITI for a trade-based training that would help her secure a job.
"My parents thought that it was like a course in engineering, and it would be great to have a child who is an engineer, but they did not want me to work after the course.”
Priyanka joined the Medical Electronics course at Jijabai ITI, Delhi. She was part of the MyQuest program at the ITI, supported by JP Morgan.

Priyanka believes that MyQuest classes were an eye opener. "Quest classes introduced us to a new world. The concepts taught in the class motivated me to dream about my future, and I was sure that the parent engagement program would change the attitude of my family.”

The curriculum also helped her sharpen her interview skills and instilled in her the confidence to deal with the challenges that she encountered at her workplace. Market-scan helped her understand her course better and what she ought to expect at a workplace.

Currently working as a trainee at Matherson, Priyanka earns INR 9,100 per month. The initial days at work were difficult for her, as her family was unsupportive and the commute tiresome. But she did not give up. She says with time her family was able to understand her commitment to her career and life. "Her perseverance to succeed despite all the criticism she faced from the family has always surprised me. But I believe that Priyanka was always serious about her life, unlike her siblings,” says Ashok Kumar, her proud father.

Priyanka wants to grow in the company and is encouraging more women to join the workforce. "I believe that equal participation is critical for the family unit to succeed. It's a lesson from my life."
She demonstrates how with the right skills and determination, women can pursue their aspirations, take control of their lives and benefit their households.


We believe in the potential of young women as much as that of young men, but understand the numerous challenges and discrimination, both hostile and benevolent, that women endure.

Equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions is our pride and promise.