Mobile Learning: Giving Young Learners The Flexibility and Access They Need

Not everyone has the opportunity, privilege and access required to achieve their dreams. For some the hindrances and pressures maybe financial, or familial or maybe just the lack of confidence in one’s own ability. One such factor is also how well you converse in English.



With English being the business communication language of most organizations and firms, the skills to communicate in English goes beyond merely understanding and framing sentences, to the ability to frame correct sentences and apply interpersonal skills, presentation skills or negotiation skills. In other words, the better the skills an individual has in English, the higher their scope of employability is. 

M. Shivaprasad, a second year student at the Government ITI Huvinahadagali, Bellary, in north Karnataka, is quick to switch to English the minute an opportunity arises. “It wasn’t always the case,” he says. Many students like Shivaprasad in rural Karnataka struggle with English, a language which is considered both a nemesis and a necessity, albeit vital for employability.  “English is a professional language. Everyone in the IT sector speaks it. Fluency in spoken English is a must to get a job. I struggled with it, especially during pre-university when we didn’t have great English teachers,” says Shivaprasad, reverberating the experiences of thousands of young people in rural Karnataka and across the country.

English no longer pulls Shivaprasad down though, and he credits his fluency in English to the Quest App. He believes the curriculum has given him greater command over the language and helped him develop good communication skills.  “I have seen a drastic difference in my spoken English abilities. It has made me a more confident person,” says a beaming Shivaprasad.

He uses the app for an hour every day whenever he has the time. It allows him to learn the basics of English in a step by step way using images for vocabulary, audio-video files for listening and speaking, and fun exercises and quizzes. He also uses it to teach spoken English to other youth in his neighbourhood. “My main aim is to remove the fear of English from the minds of young people like me. I will teach them for free, so that they too feel confident about speaking in English,” says Shivaprasad. He adds that he has now also inculcated the habit of reading because of the app. “Back when I was in school, a friend of mine gifted a book ‘Light for Students-Towards Higher and Deeper Values’ by Aurobindo. I was finally able to read it better after all these years,” he says. 

The Quest App allows thousands of students like Shivaprasad develop their English speaking abilities and other 21st century skills at their own pace and time. It is is learner-driven and has proven to be effective -- even without a good teacher or facilitator. The courses are designed to equip students who are transitioning into the world of work with English language competencies along with workplace skills, professional knowledge and soft skills. 


The Quest App platform is supported by Accenture, and the content for student and trainer curricula was developed with support from Accenture, Cisco, HSBC and LinkedIn. Learn more about the app here.




Student, Government ITI - Huvinahadagali, Karnataka

Back when I was in school, a friend of mine gifted a book ‘Light for Students — Towards Higher and Deeper Values’ by Aurobindo. I was finally able to read it better after all these years.