Inculcating Green Mindsets in Skill Training Institutions

The Green Innovation Project at Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Halol, Gujarat, is an initiative to drive green mindsets and inculcate an education in young people that will enable them to pursue green jobs.

The emerging trends around sustainable development, the deep-rooted effects of climate change, and the need to focus more on the environment are where the Green Innovation Project stems from.


As part of this initiative at Govt. ITI Halol, students have formed a green club and undertaken various activities such as Kitchen Gardening, Waste Segregation, Solar Panel Installations, Manure Composting, etc. Students are also encouraged to use innovative methods such as wall paintings to demonstrate their understanding of green mindsets, green careers, and green jobs.

These students have taken several actions in their daily lives to ensure they are promoting sustainability as a first step to developing a green mindset. For example, they have placed dustbins throughout the ITI to ensure proper waste disposal, brought non-plastic water bottles, made sure the ITI was clean after events like job fairs and exposure visits, brought manure and compost from their homes to the institute to ensure the kitchen garden continues to grow, among many other things.


Nikhil, who hails from Halol, is part of the green club at the ITI and comes from an agricultural background. He completed his 12th standard and immediately joined Govt. ITI Halol for a Wireman course. He is in his first year and wants to pursue a diploma or apprenticeship after completing his ITI education to secure a job in the private sector.

Nikhil was closely involved in kitchen gardening and installing solar panels as part of the Green Innovation Project at the ITI. He says of his experience, “I learned a lot during the solar panel installation. It will be extremely beneficial in reducing electricity expenses and making it easier to convert AC to DC. This will largely benefit the communities around this area too.”

Nikhil has always actively participated in all activities of the green club. He has provided innovative solutions to waste management problems and assumed leadership roles to ensure the work always gets done.

Nisha, a trainer who leads the green club at the ITI, says, “I have seen immense growth in Nikhil since he joined the green innovation project. He has built skills that will go a long way in his career and has played an important role in building the green club at the ITI.”

Nikhil believes the work and drive around a green mindset should be carried forward beyond the ITI and classroom. If there is a way he can contribute to society and carry forward the green initiative, he looks forward to exploring that too.