Anjali Finds Her Voice

Anjali is one of the 100,000 young people who have gained critical life and work skills from the MyQuest program.


Growing up in a small village near Mysuru in Karnataka, Anjali enjoyed her childhood, playing games with her siblings and friends. Her tight-knit family was very important to her.

She loved school.

However, what terrified her was public speaking, a trying task that would transform her from a gregarious, happy child to a diffident, closed one. Her fear was so great it paralyzed her from even trying, until she entered a MyQuest classroom. In sessions driven by openness and support, Anjali discovered how important it was to share her thoughts, feelings and opinions. Anjali found her voice.

To watch an animated re-telling of how Anjali overcame her fear of public speaking by stepping into a supportive classroom environment, go to the video below!


“I joined a program with an entirely new classroom atmosphere. There was so much freedom and support for the students. It was the first time I started speaking up for myself. It felt good.”