Adopting Green Technology To Address Local Challenges

18-year-old Roshan Das has a home project very different from what his batchmates at Srikona Industrial Training Institute (ITI) did. What inspired him to take up this unique project?


Roshan hails from Silchar in Assam. He comes from a family of four, and his father is a businessman. When Roshan didn’t perform well in his matriculation exams, he was left quite dejected. He wasn’t sure of his future prospects. However, he soon enrolled at the Srikona ITI in 2022 for the Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance (ICTSM) course.

It was at the ITI where he met his teacher Sanku Roy, who left a lasting impression on Roshan. Mr. Roy has a unique way of teaching his students. He explains his concepts practically, makes videos for his students, and leads the class by example.

When Quest Alliance introduced the newly launched green project at the Srikona ITI, Mr. Roy invited his students to enroll in this unique project. He created a group for the participants and taught them about green initiatives and the emerging trend of green careers. Roshan was particularly inspired by his teacher and the special project.

“There’s a lot of pollution and deforestation in my region. Earlier, I had little interest in safeguarding the environment or learning its importance. However, Sanku sir taught us about the importance of climate action and took the initiative to plant trees at the ITI. I was deeply inspired and learned a lot through the green project,” shared Roshan.

Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, substitute a different material to support the roots of the plant and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. Mr. Roy introduced this unique way of green farming to his students through the green project. Seeing his teacher do it at the ITI, Roshan wanted to do it himself and replicate it at home.

“There’s a lack of space at my home. Therefore, hydroponics farming seemed interesting to me as it required very little space. When I expressed my interest to sir, he encouraged me to pursue the same at home,” shares Roshan.

Therefore, in March 2023, Roshan began cultivating a hydroponics farm in the backyard of his home. In just three months, his plants have grown beautifully, a sign of Roshan's dedication and hard work.

After graduation, Roshan wants to pursue a career in defense. He has always wanted to join the army forces. He believes that his learnings from systems maintenance will be beneficial in his future career. Lastly, he shares that studying about climate change and the environment and practicing green initiatives has undoubtedly made him a more responsible and conscious citizen.


Roshan Das

Srikona Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Assam

“I strongly believe that everyone should be more conscious about the environment. We should all actively participate in planting more trees and preventing deforestation. The green project has definitely sensitized me a lot on the same.”