A Rolemodel’s Journey

Kiran has consciously defied all conservative expectations so that her younger siblings can chase their dreams, free from societal pressure. “I hope that by going out to work and study, I have made it easier for my sister to leave for a different city, if and when the time comes.” 


When Kiran was selected for the role of Recruiter at PathMaker, she immediately requested that her friend Sakshi also be interviewed. “Sakshi has been with me every step of the way. Whether exams, filing applications, or travelling between cities for the first time, there hasn’t been a single milestone that she hasn’t been a part of”, reminisces Kiran. “It only felt fitting that she should receive the same job opportunity that I did.” In November of 2020, both Kiran and Sakshi, now colleagues, received a raise at work. “The work at my office is interesting. It helps that the staff and my colleagues are helpful and jovial folks -- on some days, I feel like staying in this job forever,” she smiles. Presently working from home, Kiran finds ample time to juggle her different pursuits, which include studying, reading, and keeping an eye out for job vacancies in the Government. Trained in stenography at the CV Raman GITI, Kiran considers herself an expert stenographer. 

“After merely 3-4 months of training at the ITI, I found that I could take notes quite efficiently. I now closely follow opportunities to work in a court as a stenographer,” she says. Besides this, Kiran has also been preparing for the exams that qualify her to join the police. “I have written exams to enter the Haryana Police as well as the Delhi Police, and am awaiting both results.” How does Kiran manage her time? “I try to make the best of my time. For instance, I spend my Sundays and other office holidays studying for exams,” she says.

Kiran also attributes her time-management skills to her family, whom she cites as a source of strength. “Although my parents were not immediately convinced by my interests -- whether stenography or joining the police -- they have supported me through everything, and let me use my time as I please.” The eldest of her siblings, Kiran wants to contribute to her family’s income and set an example for the younger members of her family. “My younger sister is an all-rounder. She plays kabaddi for the state team and is a talented artist. My goal is to provide her with all the resources she needs to become successful.” 

However, Kiran’s resolve to prove herself grew firmer after her father, who runs a footwear store, met with an accident that demanded months of bedrest. “It didn’t feel right to sit idle at home after that -- I simply had to land a job.” Ever since, her heart has been set on making her family proud. “My parents have done so much to ensure my physical and emotional wellbeing. My father has inspired me in so many ways, and my mother is undoubtedly my best friend. I hope I can give back to them as much as they have given me.” In the same context, she also mentions her teachers and mentors. “Each member at the GITI, CV Raman has motivated me to take my goals forward in their own unique way: the students, the mentors, the teachers -- even the principal! For instance, I learnt at the ITI how to effectively communicate and present myself at a workplace, and my teachers always appreciated me when I performed well in classes.”

Today, Kiran is proud that she has had complete control of her destiny. “None of my pursuits have been forced on me - the decisions to enroll at the ITI, prepare for exams, and work have entirely been my own.” She considers herself lucky for having found all the right interests. 


Kiran worked at Pathmaker for over a year. However, she increasingly found it hard to find time to study for the state police forces examination. After trying a work from home stint for a while, she has currently quit to focus on her exams. She is confident that the next time we meet her, we will see her in a uniform.



Alumni, Future Right Skills Network

“My younger sister is an all-rounder. She plays kabaddi for the state team and is a talented artist. My goal is to provide her with all the resources she needs to become successful.”