A project to improve the quality of education through community media and imbibe the values of citizenship, democracy and diversity in students, teachers, and the community.


What It Is

Videoshala is a pioneering intervention to improve the quality of school education through community media amongst students, teachers and their communities.

What We Did

Quest Alliance supported the program's vision and pilot conceptualization, helped build capacity for facilitation, offered expertise in instructional design and pedagogy, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation study.

Four Education Community Video Units (ECVUs) were set up with local NGO partners, where community members were trained in video production and classroom facilitation. In addition, there was also a central coordination unit.

Community members produced videos on locally relevant challenges faced by teachers and students in their primary school’s curriculum. Facilitators screened these videos in government schools and learning centers, followed by reinforcement activities, discussions and activity sheets.

With support from SDC, 100 additional schools were reached and nine more videos kits developed. The program is now advocating for policy level change for adoption in government schools.

Through Videoshala, we were able to reach:

  • 7,957 students (4524 male and 3433 female) in 194 schools in Gujarat
  • 104 community members and teachers trained

Who We Reached


  • Greater ability to articulate questions and thoughts in class – the classes have become more interactive
  • Positive learning outcomes - better understanding of subject matter
  • Greater awareness of issues facing their communities

Community Video Producers

  • Exposure to technical skills and problem-solving techniques
  • Ability to work and interact in a group
  • Drive to think beyond the individual and contribute to society
  • Inculcation of a sense of pride in their work


  • 7,957 Students
  • 194 Schools
  • 104 Members and Teachers