Teacher-Centric Content

Teachers are at the heart of the education system. As mediators between the learner and subject, teachers are perfectly placed to harness technology to enhance the learning process.


There is more to the role of a teacher than one who delivers the curriculum. Rather, a teacher is someone who conceptualizes, develops and interprets the curriculum to shape children’s learning experiences in and outside the classroom.

What It Is

Technology can enable the teacher to facilitate the learning process by making available different knowledge sources to learners, and draw upon them to design appropriate and collaborative learning experiences.

Azim Premji Foundation and Quest Alliance designed a pilot initiative by using low-cost technology and developing teacher centric content to effectively deliver educational content to students.

What We Did

This project produced two packs of teacher-centric content and a teacher manual. The design was a marked departure from other learning resources primarily for children to navigate. These packs facilitated the teacher’s use of content for whole-class viewing and resulted in optimizing the integration of technology with classroom processes.

As the Indian Government increases its investment in ICTs for education, continued efforts must be made to ensure that investments in technology positively impact all aspects of education, particularly in the teaching and learning process.

Who We Reached

  • Pilot: 96 teachers and 12 head teachers across 12 schools near Bangalore
  • Two teacher-centric content packs in use by 6,686 teachers in 5,100 Government schools across Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh and Delhi
  • Approximately 1,038,800 students (313,300 Primary, 725,500 Secondary)


  • 96 Pilot Teachers
  • 12Pilot Head Teachers
  • 5,100 Schools
  • 1,038,800Students
  • 6,686Teachers